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Alexander Kirilov - personal trainer

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Personal training

If you need a personal approach, strong motivation and highly efficient workout plan, then I’m the coach you’re looking for. Get in shape and get your mojo back. Let’s hit the gym together!

Online training

You can achieve stunning results even if your schedule is quite busy. I offer online services and more than 350 video materials, so you can do the workouts whenever and wherever you want.

Video blog

To keep you constantly motivated I created a video blog. There I’m sharing with you my knowledge, experience and thoughts on different topics like workout techniques, nutrition, mind training and so on.


Diet is best working when you enjoy it. So what I can do for you is designing a personal nutrition plan, which is absolutely tasty, super healthy and easy to follow.


Staying motivated can be hard sometimes. But you know what they say: ”You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” That’s why I’ll make sure you stay on the right path.

Train to feel good... looking good is a natural consequence!

You will be spending your whole life in this body, so take good care of it. I will help you build a beautiful figure, increase your strength capacity and overcome prejudice.

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Pack on serious mass, get super ripped and grow stronger with cutting-edge methods. Let’s do this the healthy way.

Home Training

Build lean muscle, boost your endurance and get the impressive physique of a pro athlete. Feel great, look great.

The “30-minute”

Too busy to exercise? With this program you have absolutely no excuse to skip the workout. You are now only 30 minutes away from the perfect body.

For meat lovers

Stop craving for bad food and start craving for good results. Boost your metabolism with a diet which will suit not only your nutrition needs, but your tastes as well.