Workout plan

Lean muscle gain

Everyone knows that exercise is good for us, but you may not know the importance of building muscle through strength training. If your program and diet focus is focused on fat burning and aerobic exercise, you are missing out on a key component of overall fitness. Gaining muscle mass offers many benefits for all of us. Gaining muscle mass helps your body, which burns fat more effectively and significantly improves quality of life. This diet is based on the intake of large amounts of protein, which is extremely important for the basic functions of every cell in our bodies needed for life itself. Here are the benefits of weight gaining and a high protein diet: - More energy; - Significant increase in strength, leading to a better quality of life and training; - Better quality sleep; - Stronger bones; - Healthier tendons; - Faster recovery from injury or illness. Facts are saying it all. It is up to you when and how you will change your life for the better - don't waste your time, do it now.